MyFavorito Main Building Blocks


MyFavorito's main components

MyFavorito is THE new multichannel customer engagement, loyalty and CRM platform for FMCG brands, retailers and store owners. MyFavorito connects you with your hundreds, thousands or even millions of unknown and unreachable customers and gives you many tools to engage with them like never before.

MyFavorito consists of the following building blocks:

  • The MyFavorito Smartphone App (which is available for iOS and Android). It allows your customers to connect with your store and brands to use all the various engagement tools
  • The MyFavorito web portal. It has the same functionalities like the MyFavorito app but it provided for those users that don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use one.
  • The self-service dashboard allows you to setup your stores, brands, coupons, prize draws, loyalty systems and many other great marketing campaigns instantly.
  • Use the brand and store manager to setup your brands and your store network.
  • Your campaigns generate a self-maintaining customer database full with valuable user profiles. It grows quickly and is always-up-to-date and fully customer-controlled.
  • The smartdata and just-in-time notification engine analyzes the customer profiles automatically and lets you send the right message to the right customer at the right time.
  • Crystal-clear reports show you in real-time how successful your campaigns are.
  • MyFavorito offers a powerful developer API and various integrations into 3rd party products such as Shopify, Twitter, Facebook and others.
  • MyFavorito is powered by a reliable, secure and highly scalable cloud infrastructure.
The most important building block of MyFavorito is its growing set of irresistible and proven customer loyalty and engagement tools that your customers will love to use. You can use these tools instantly to win more customers, increase store visits (online and in your physical stores), generate more referrals, more loyalty and more sales.

Our engagement tools include:

  • A multi-channel loyalty system where you can setup your own loyalty points and loyalty rewards to rewards your customers for sales, for paying attention, for referrals, for visits and many other valuable activities
  • A prize draw and contest engine that lets you run fully automated prize draws that generates thousands of winners and store visits
  • A promotion manager to setup coupons, giveaways and welcome gifts
  • A viral referral system that motivates your customers to influence their friends buying decisions
  • A content management system for you to post news, jobs, videos and so much more.
  • And many more ...
Are you intrigued? Then sign up now. You can setup your brands and stores right away and connect, engage and appeal to your customers. Like never before.
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