MyFavorito is the fan-empowered sports sponsorship platform: for love and money.

Fans decide. Brands activate. Clubs win.

MyFavorito is the digital, fan-empowered sports sponsorship platform that turns fan love into real money. With a radically different sponsorship model, MyFavorito is building the ultimate playing field for sports. We are putting the money taken by the tech giants back into the game and empowering the people who matter most. It’s not just sport that wins, but entire communities.

Fans decide and can generate real money for their favourite club. 
Brands activate and connect with more customers, make more sales, build more loyalty. 
Clubs win and generate a new and infinite source of revenue for a sustainable future. 

We are flipping the old sponsorship model on its head and creating a world where everyone wins. It's Game On. 

MyFavorito for fans

With MyFavorito you can show your club love every day not just game day! Small and big companies, regional, national and even global brands, local retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, online retailers, and many, many more businesses are here on MyFavorito to do just one thing: to support your favourite sports club.

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MyFavorito for fans

MyFavorito for sponsors

With MyFavorito, your business can engage fans, generate more visits, sales, customer growth and loyalty — in a risk-free and measurable way. Our radically different approach to sponsorship allows your company to add an emotional driver to your product offering, drive real results and support one or ten or even hundreds or thousands of clubs at the same time.

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MyFavorito for sponsors

MyFavorito for clubs

MyFavorito helps sports clubs to generate a new and infinite source of revenue for a sustainable future — completely independent of matchday, stadium, and traditional sponsorship contracts and partnerships. We connect sports clubs with new digital sponsors and enable clubs to extend their traditional sponsorship portfolio (e.g. ads in stadiums and sports grounds, ads on jerseys etc.) with new digital sport sponsorship products.

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MyFavorito for clubs

MyFavorito for federations

MyFavorito enables federations and associations to help each of their sports clubs, regardless of size, to generate more sponsorship revenue. Activating local and regional sponsors while simultaneously providing added value and extended opportunities for existing federation sponsors.

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MyFavorito for federations

Used by more than 1000 sports clubs and brands around the world

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Download the MyFavorito app

The MyFavorito mobile app is available for free for iOS and Android. It allows you to quickly scan MyFavorito codes, watch videos, make money for your favorites sports club(s) and quickly build your favorites. Click the icons below to download the app right away.

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The MyFavorito Digital Sports Sponsorship Platform

In addition to the MyFavorito app, our platform offers a comprehensive range of tools to leverage your existing digital assets and integrate MyFavorito into your existing product and service portfolio.

  • Free mobile (iOS and Android) and web app
  • MyFavorito Dashboard
  • Social Media Center
  • Loyalty System, points and rewards
  • Gamification Engine
  • Fully automated payments and payouts
  • CRM database and user management
  • Promotion manager and much more ...
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What does MyFavorito cost?
MyFavorito is free-to-join, easy and risk-free.

MyFavorito is completely free for fans and clubs to use. For sponsors, MyFavorito is free-to-join, easy and risk-free. You only pay the money value assigned with your sponsorship offer plus a 15% system fee.

For example: If a fan buys a burger in your restaurant and redeems your $1 sponsorship code, we will charge you that $1 plus 15% = $1.15.

Every month you will get one invoice that contains all transactions from all fans and their favourite sports clubs. MyFavorito takes care of all payments and payouts to the connected clubs in an easy, automated and frictionless process.

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9 steps to become a fan-empowered sponsor

Get started on MyFavorito right away. Learn how easy it is to become a fan-empowered sponsor.

10 steps to become a fan-empowered sports club

Make more money, attract new sponsors and activate your fans in new ways. Watch our video and become a fan-empowered sports club today.

Watch how Cam Mooney makes money for his favorite club

Collect a code everytime you buy a burger, scan it with the MyFavorito mobile app, make money for the club you love. Yes, it's that simple.

Watch how Geelong Netball Club makes money with Bulla Dairy

Watch a video, redeem it and make $0,50 for the club you love.
Buy ice cream, upload the cash receipt and make another $2,00.

How does it work?

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