MyFavorito for sponsors


MyFavorito for sponsors

Why your company should use MyFavorito

With MyFavorito, your company becomes a sports club sponsor. But not a traditional one - where you support just one club with lots of money and don’t have many ways to measure success.
With MyFavorito you support the favorite sports clubs of your customers, employees and partners. Could be thousands at the same time. And you pay money for clear, measurable results:
  1. More customer relationships
  2. More revenue and sales
  3. More customer loyalty
  4. More attention for your marketing activities
  5. More corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  6. And ultimately more growth

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Build hundreds or thousands of sports club partnerships automatically

With MyFavorito you build hundreds or thousands of sports club partnerships automatically, whenever their members and fans redeem your offers. You run promotions that appear in sports club’s communities and can be redeemed by fans and members.
With MyFavorito you can easily setup an authentic presence for your company, run your own marketing campaigns, communicate directly, build a strong CRM and measure the success of your promotions in realtime.
Those are just a few benefits that you get when you sign up with the world’s #1 platform for Digital Sports Sponsorship, Fan Engagement and CRM.

Endless potential for digital sponsorship activations

Social media and the rise of the smartphone have changed and revolutionized the way sports fans around the world communicate and consume.
Sport sponsorship has massively changed as well. Sponsors today expect effective ways to reach their customers and target groups - in the digital world.
Companies that understand how to use the digital touchpoints of sports benefit from the enormous reach and a highly emotional ecosystem that celebrates victories and experiences camaraderie in defeats. Another important opportunity for sponsors is that sports are already very digital. Most fans interact with their favorite clubs through digital channels.

Generate customer relationships, not just followers

“Traditional sponsorship” products and activations are still important but the truth is that many companies rather give their growing marketing budgets to Social Media and Ad-tech platforms and do not support their local sports clubs. With MyFavorito, we want to change that.
Sign up today, get access to sports, generate sales, increase growth and build direct customer relationships. Don’t spend your money on ad views and followers.

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