MyFavorito for members and fans


MyFavorito for members and fans

Why you as a member or fan should join MyFavorito right now

Small and big companies, regional, national and even global brands, local retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, hair dressers, car dealers and many, many more businesses are here on MyFavorito to do just one thing: to support your favorite sports club.
With MyFavorito, members, fans, parents, players, families and friends, in short the whole sports club, become sponsors and generate money for their favorite club.
How? Very simple: By buying products, by visiting stores, by ordering online, by watching TV ads, by paying attention to sponsor’s marketing campaigns, by building customer relationships and a great deal more activities that are important to sponsors.
Everybody can help to generate additional revenue and new income streams for their favorite sports clubs. To build better teams, to buy training equipment, to pay coaches and players, to renovate your club house, to organize events, in short: To run a better club life and become financially stable and healthy.

How can I start? What should I do?

  1. Download the free MyFavorito App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Sign up and create a user profile
  3. Find promotions and redeem them right in the MyFavorito app or shop with sponsors and collect action codes
  4. Scan the action codes directly in the app, select your favorite sports club and redeem
  5. That’s it. Your favorite sports club gets the sponsoring fee (defined by the sponsor) and you get loyalty points that you can redeem for attractive rewards or instant prize draws.

Can’t find your favorite sports club on MyFavorito?

Then please recommend us. Inform your sports club’s directors and managers about MyFavorito and its new ways to generate money. They can easily signup on and can find all important information here.

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