MyFavorito for sports clubs


MyFavorito for sports clubs

Why your sports club should sign up on MyFavorito right now

MyFavorito is your #1 platform for Digital Sport Sponsorship, Fan Engagement and CRM. MyFavorito helps sports clubs to:
  1. Generate new income steams and make more money
  2. Build better partnerships and relationships with existing sponsors and companies in your region
  3. Increase sponsors’ loyalty and make it harder for them to leave your sports club
  4. Generate additional benefits for members, fans and supporters
And that’s just a few of the advantages that come with MyFavorito.

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Endless potential for sports clubs

MyFavorito is here to “make sport sponsorship as reliable and abundantly available as running water.”. We help sports clubs to generate new income streams to run their club life and become more financially stable and healthy.
MyFavorito connects sports clubs with new digital sponsors and enables clubs to extend their traditional sponsorship portfolio (e.g. ads in stadiums and sports grounds, ads on jerseys etc.) with new digital sport sponsorship products.
With MyFavorito, you help your sponsors to generate more customer relationships, more sales, more loyalty, more attention for marketing activities and ultimately more growth. And this increases the loyalty between your club and your sponsors.

Free and risk-free

MyFavorito is free for sports clubs and their members and fans. Sign up, participate, generate revenue or even leave at any time. There are no contractual obligations or risks involved.

How much time, voluntary work and engagement is necessary from my sports club?

The amount of work and time necessary to setup and manage your sports club on MyFavorito is more or less the same as you need to run a Facebook page or Instagram presence.
You can setup multiple administrators that manage your sports club on MyFavorito. If you have questions or need support you can always reach us by phone, email or live chat.
Many options are available to your team to activate your members, fans, family and friends and build a vibrant MyFavorito community.

How can I sign up and what happens afterwards?

If you are an elected director or officer of your sports club or otherwise authorized then you can sign up here. Shortly after the registration we will send you credentials for MyFavorito Dashboard where you can setup your sports club’s presence on MyFavorito.
Feel free to watch the video below to learn how to sign up, upload logo and header image, setup your payout information and run your MyFavorito community.

Recommend MyFavorito to your sports club

You want to redeem an action code but your favorite sports club is not active yet on MyFavorito? Then it’s about time!
Use the form below to send a quick email to your sports club and recommend MyFavorito to them. A director can then simply sign up and you can redeem an action code for your favorite sports club. Thank you for your help!
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