Lieblingsrestaurant brings a cool sweepstake to your mobile phone. To participate you need to download and install the Lieblingsrestaurant App at your smartphone as well as a scan+win QR-Code. You can find these Codes at all participating restaurants on stickers, flyers and posters.

And this is how it works:

1. Find a scan+win poster, sticker or flyer.

2. Scan the code.

3. See what you win.

4. Go to a restaurant.

5. Redeem the winner coupon.

6. Scan again on the next day.

Please note that scan+win isn't a national Lieblingsrestaurant campaign. Every restaurant can use it on its own way. So, winnings or rules of the game can and will be different. Almost, the mechanics will stay the same.

scan win prozess
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