Product Overview

MyFavorito's Product Overview

MyFavorito is the B2C CRM platform for brands and retailers
MyFavorito is THE new multichannel customer engagement, loyalty and CRM platform for FMCG brands, retailers and store owners. It performs up to 23X better than a Facebook fanpage and generates measurable customer relationships, sales, referrals and store visits, not likes.

As a brand, retailer or store owner you spend a lot of time, effort, passion and money to develop and create your products. You establish sales and distribution channels and setup dealer networks online and offline. Maybe you even run your own stores, have an online shop, restaurants, super markets or other selected stores where people can buy your products. You run lots of marketing activities to make your product well known and increase market-share against the established players.
Build direct relationships with your millions of customers
And every day hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers buy your products. Many of them for the very first time, others consume them regularly. But most of these customers are unknown to you and very hard to reach. How can you motivate them to buy more from your assortment of products? How can you give them ways to show their loyalty and get rewarded? At Myfavorito, we believe this is your biggest growth potential, because with Myfavorito, you can immediately:
  • Identify your customers
  • Reach them anywhere and anytime, directly and personally
  • Engage and appeal to them to generate more visits and sales
With MyFavorito you create a loyalty club for your brand. A club that your customers will love, because it offers everything they want. But what do they really expect?

Customers want to be treated personally and feel special. News, personal offers, loyalty points and rewards, instant prize draws and referrals are built right into MyFavorito available to you now. Use them to reach and engage a critical mass of your customers, not just the typical 5% who are bargain hunters.
Mobilize your products, marketing campaigns and partner and dealer networks
But how do your customers hear about the loyalty club and its advantages? Mainly through the channels that you already use: Through your product and its packaging, advertising in stores, digital marketing channels, social media and other marketing channels. All media can be equipped with QR codes or action codes. By doing so, you can reward and give your customers a direct incentive to join the club. For example, with a loyalty point or a participation in a prize draw. And of course: By talking to your customer directly in stores, restaurants, festivals, events or wherever you have direct contact with your customers.
MyFavorito is packed with irresistible engagement tools
The customer now installs the “MyFavorito” app or visits the “MyFavorito” website. He clicks the “Add to favorites” button to build a direct relationship with your business or brand. That’s where our name comes from: „MyFavorito“. Now you can reach your customers directly and appeal to them and activate them with ready-to-go, irresistible array of automated and managed engagement tools.
Target individuals at a massive scale
With MyFavorito you can send your customers the right message at the right time, directly to their smartphone or via email. And there are lots of interesting things to communicate about your brand, such as:
  • New products or videos on how you produce them
  • Seasonal highlights, events or festivals
  • Customers are always interested to learn when there are new prize draws, new ways to collect loyalty points and new rewards
  • And of course you can combine your messages with offers that they can redeem in stores immediately.
With MyFavorito you can send offers, coupons and discount codes directly to your customer’s cell phones. Your customers can then redeem these offers in selected stores or online shops. You can also define a welcome gift that your customers can pick up as soon as they have joined your loyalty club.
Reward everything, everywhere
Customers can collect loyalty points with every purchase. This is something that loyalty cards and stamp do as well, but with MyFavorito you can reward your customers for engaging with your PR and marketing activities too. That means that customers can collect points for reading your Facebook news or watch a Youtube video or a TV commercial or many other valuable activities. You can reward your customers for attending an event or festival, scanning your product logo, participating in instant prize draws or referring their friends. To make it short: You can reward them for a lot of different activities that are valuable to you.

Loyalty points can be redeemed at selected stores for attractive rewards. For example:
  • Merchandising articles and gifts
  • Discounted offers for promotion stores
  • Tickets for events
  • Discount-Codes for online shops
  • And many more ...
A very effective way to engage a large number of customers is to run instant prize draws. Click here for more details on MyFavorito's Instant Prizedraw engine.
Viral referral programs
With the viral referral program, you can motivate your customers to refer your products or stores to their friends, families and colleagues. You can reward them with loyalty points for every referral. And – for a limited time – they can get all the loyalty points their friends collect through purchases or for following your marketing activities. This way, your referrers truly influence their friends’ buying decisions and make sure that friends buy your products and visit your stores instead of the competition.
More impact, more measurable results
Myfavorito was invented and built in collaboration with big brands such as McDonald’s. Its mission is to earn you more customers, more store visits, more loyalty and more revenue - systematically, measurably and automated with the least amount of maintenance, friction and hand-holding. MyFavorito automatically creates a self-maintaining customer database that’s always-up-to-date because your customers keep it current by using the MyFavorito app or web portal. The self-service-oriented Myfavorito dashboard allows you and your team to create content, run campaigns and access crystal-clear real-time reports.
Are you intrigued? Then sign up right now. You can setup your brand and stores right away and connect, engage and appeal to your customers. Like never before.
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