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The fan-empowered sponsorship platform offers sports clubs more tools to activate fans.
The fan-empowered sponsorship platform offers sports clubs more tools to activate fans.

Germany — 27. June, 2022 — MyFavorito, the fan-empowered sponsorship and community engagement platform, continues to introduce new features with a particular focus on fan activation and engagement. The latest version of the app, version 4.20 for iOS, Android, and web, sees the introduction of image contests. Check out the video below for an overview of MyFavorito’s fan-engagement tools including image contests. 

Multi-channel, multi-purpose loyalty system
MyFavorito’s built-in, multi-channel, multi-purpose loyalty system allows clubs to reward their fans for completing many valuable activities, for example attending matches or buying season tickets or memberships. The loyalty system can also be used to share the club’s achievements and success —awarding additional loyalty points for every point scored and every victory.

Polls and quizzes
Earlier this year MyFavorito introduced fan polls and quizzes. These entertaining tools introduce a two-way flow of communication between sports clubs and fans, providing more opportunities for feedback. Fans are rewarded with loyalty points for participating and additional points or prizes can be awarded to fans that give correct or valuable answers.

Image contests
Image contests are a great way to activate fans and create a fun and open fan community. Fans can upload their favourite image(s) related to a certain theme determined by a sports club or brand (for example: my season highlight, best fan photo etc.) and other fans can interact, share the images with friends and rate the images—upvoting the best. Fans earn loyalty points with every approved image they upload and the most popular image wins a prize provided by the club. 

Loyalty rewards and prizes
Fans can redeem their loyalty points for rewards and prizes. Loyalty rewards are a great way to encourage fans to continually show their support and stay active in your club community. Some popular loyalty rewards include: match tickets, vouchers for club merchandise and stadium tours.

Instant prize draws and gamifications
The MyFavorito loyalty system also provides clubs with the tools to run their own digital instant prize draw. Clubs fill the prize pot with loyalty points and other prizes; it costs the fan 1 point to participate and they are notified immediately if they win. This fully-automated gamification engine can handle thousands of participations every day and is completely transparent – fans can view the prizes on offer, which prizes have been won and how often.

MyFavorito helps sports clubs of all sizes attract more sponsors and better activate their fans. MyFavorito is free for sports clubs and their members and fans. Interested clubs can sign-up here and build your own customised loyalty system today!

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