Pump up your club with Wilo, Germany’s new fan-empowered sponsor

Wilo is latest fan-empowered sponsor to join the platform, supporting grassroots and professional sports clubs across Germany.
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Wilo, one of the world's leading premium providers of pumps and pump systems, has joined the fan-empowered sponsorship platform as a national sponsor to support 90,000 German sports clubs at the same time!

How it works
With Wilo, every sports fan across Germany can now directly support their favourite club. Sports fans and club members can buy a Wilo pump, upload a picture of their receipt or delivery note in the MyFavorito mobile app (free for iOS and Android) or directly at and select their favourite club. The fan can choose from over 90,000 German sports clubs! After a short time, the fan will receive a confirmation notification and their selected club will receive a sponsorship amount of €10. 

Sports fans can also support their club buy watching Wilo’s latest marketing video and taking part in their survey. For every video view and survey participation Wilo gives sports fans €0,25 to send their favourite sports club. 

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The Wilo Club Challenge
And that’s not all! Wilo will also be running a club challenge from December 26 to March 31, 2023. Every time a fan buys a pump, watches the Wilo video or takes part in the survery and sends money to their club, the club will receive a point. All clubs that receive money from Wilo are automatically added to the club challenge. At the end of the challenge, the top 3 clubs with the most points will receive additional cash prizes: first place €500, second place €300, and third place €200. 

Sports clubs and fans can view the leader board and follow their club’s progress by joining the Wilo community on MyFavorito here.

Attractive Prizes for Fans 

In return for supporting their sports club, fans will receive one Wilo loyalty point with every purchase that can be used to participate in the Wilo Instant Prize Draw. There are a variety of exciting prizes on offer including: Wilo playing cards, Wilo waterbottle, Wilo sports bag and much more.

About Wilo
The Wilo Group is a multinational technology group and one of the world's leading premium providers of pumps and pump systems for building technology, water management and industry. More than 8,200 employees work for Wilo worldwide. We have been sponsors of club sports for many years. With the "Wilo club promotion" we would like to support many sports clubs in the region and the favorite sports clubs of our customers.

About MyFavorito
With MyFavorito - the fan-empowered sponsorship and fan engagement platform - sports clubs can attract more sponsors, generate more revenue and better activate their fans and communities. Companies use MyFavorito to support their customers' favourite sports clubs transactionally, to inspire new customers and achieve more sales, and build customer loyalty and growth.

With MyFavorito’s radically different approach to sponsorship, companies can set their own sponsorship offers, which consist of a condition and a monetary amount; for example, "buy my pizza and I'll give €1 to your favourite club" or "watch my new promotional video and I'll give €0.50 to your favourite club". Fans redeem these offers for their favourite club and "make" (not donate) money. Companies can support thousands of clubs at the same time and only pay when their offer is redeemed.

Want to join?

Across Germany, more than 300 national, regional, and local brands are using MyFavorito to run their own sports sponsorship program and as a result German sports fans have already sent money to over 1000 different sports clubs across the nation. Interested businesses from all sectors — such as retail, eCommerce, hospitality and many more — can register on the MyFavorito platform here and connect with sports clubs and their communities. Businesses can create various offers for fans, thereby generating more customers and supporting club sport at the same time. Members of each club’s community can redeem these offers and directly support their favourite club.

Support your club today!
Wilo’s promotions are live on MyFavorito NOW! Download the MyFavorito app (free for IOS and Android) or access the promotions directly via the MyFavorito website here.

Pump up your sports club today with Wilo!

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