Ready for EURO '24: starts sports sponsorship program with a free EURO predictor game

Erfurt / Düsseldorf, June 11, 2024: The only EURO predictor game for fans and their favorite clubs - for every correct predictions, fans get 1€ for their club and much more.
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Erfurt / Düsseldorf, June 11, 2024: Just in time for the UEFA European Championship, and MyFavorito start the only EURO predictor game where fans can use their football knowledge and make (not donate) real money for their favorite sports club., one of Germany's leading iGaming brands, introduces it's own, innovative " sports sponsorship program - powered by MyFavorito" and rewards the favorite sports clubs of their customers - it could be thousands of clubs at the same time - for all types of valuable activities: Fans get money for their favorite clubs when they make payments, place bets and win or lose bets. Fans can also make money and earn points by participating at the free EURO Predictor Game.

And here is how:
  • Join the sports sponsorship program here:
  • In the section "My account" activate the "Sports Sponsorship program" and select your favorite club
  • Download the MyFavorito App and predict your matches

All information and details can be found here:
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