New Video with Australian Fan-Empowered Sports Sponsor Grill’d Healthy Burgers

Grill’d Healthy Burgers teams up with local football and netball club Grovedale Tigers to support MyFavorito’s roll out across Australia.
We are happy to see one of Australia's first fan-empowered sports sponsors Grill'd Healthy Burgers team up with the Grovedale Tigers, a local football and netball club in the Geelong area, and continue to support MyFavorito's roll out across Australia with a new video.

With the MyFavorito app it's easy to support your favourite club when making everyday purchases — check out the video to see for yourself!

At MyFavorito we love partnering with local clubs and big teams to turn fan love into real revenue! It's the fan-empowered sponsorship platform: for love & money! Brands, clubs, and fans can sign up now at or download the MyFavorito app (available in the App Store and Google Play). 
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