MyFavorito brings fan engagement to I-Tech Cup Game Between Tottenham Hotspur F.C and A.S. Roma

MyFavorito has been selected by HYPE Sports Innovation to be a solution provider at the I-Tech Cup.
MyFavorito has been selected by HYPE Sports Innovation to be a solution provider at the I-Tech Cup.
MyFavorito is thrilled to announce that they have been selected by HYPE Sports Innovation to provide fan engagement solutions at the I-Tech Cup match between Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and A.S. Roma on July 30th at Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, Israel. The game will form part of the I-Tech Cup, a format created by the event organizers, MTR7.


The I-Tech Cup is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase the future of live sports both in-stadium and at home. As the I-Tech Cup is an exhibition match free of regulations and limitations that come with the traditional frameworks of federation and league games, fans will get to experience state-of-the-art solutions they have never seen before.

MyFavorito will be showcasing their solution for some of the top teams in the footballing world. Giving us the opportunity to implement our fan engagement and gamification solutions with some of the largest football audiences on the planet.

Fans will be able to join the I-Tech community on MyFavorito and take part in the I-Tech Cup Image Contest. Fans can upload their best image(s) from the event and other fans can interact, share the images with friends and rate the images—upvoting the best. These images will also be broadcast in the stadium for all fans attending the match to see. Fans earn I-Tech Cup points with every approved image they upload and the most popular image wins a prize. Fans can pick up more I-Tech Cup points when they check out other startups and their solutions. These points can then be used to participate in I-Tech Cup Wheel of Fortune where they can win great prizes!

Prior to the game, MyFavorito will be included at a VIP SportsTech Innovation Expo featuring additional global solutions highlighting innovation that is set to shape the future of the sports industry over the next 5 years.

MyFavorito Co-Founder and CEO Dirk Schlenzig, said: “It’s a huge pleasure and honour for us to take part in the I-Tech Cup and showcase our fan engagement solutions. A core part of MyFavorito’s mission is to connect sports clubs and their fans in radically new ways and to activate fans better. We’re really looking forward to working with HYPE Sports Innovation and MTR7 this weekend to create a new, exciting and innovative experience for A.S. Roma and Tottenham fans.”

Amir Raveh, Founder and the President of HYPE Sports Innovation, said: “The I-Tech Cup between Tottenham and A.S. Roma in Israel is an unprecedented opportunity to display live the most innovative tech companies in sports. MyFavorito is one of the few selected solutions driving the sports industry forward, and I am proud of Dirk Schlenzig and the team."

MyFavorito first connected with HYPE Sports Innovation through GVA2 and the two parties have shared the same mission statement, to drive the sports industry forward through the power of innovation, ever since. 

Learn more about MyFavorito and the other innovations being presented in the I-Tech Cup HERE.

Disclaimer: MyFavorito’s involvement in the I-Tech Cup Game is entirely through the promoters Hype Sports Innovation and MTR7. There is no official partnership between MyFavorito and Tottenham Hotspur F.C or A.S Roma.

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