FutureBrand and MyFavorito team up for "Fan-empowered sports sponsorship"

Futurebrand, one of leading sport agencies worldwide and MyFavorito team up to bring "Fan-empowered sports sponsorship" to sports clubs, brands and fans around the world.
To take MyFavorito's branding, customer experience and communication to the next level, we teamed up with FutureBrand and are excited to announce our partnership.

FutureBrand are a global branding powerhouse with a deep expertise in sports and most importantly love MyFavorito's vision and mission. Working with FutureBrand will not only help MyFavorito: It will also give all MyFavorito sports clubs, brands and fans access to top-creative and effective branding tools and visual assets to help them get more value out of the platform.

Rich Curtis (CEO Futurebrand) and Dirk Schlenzig (CEO MyFavorito)

"Our partnership with Futurebrand Australia is exciting, as it will help us build the MyFavorito brand globally and deliver brand experiences that make it easy for millions of sports clubs around the world to attract more sponsors, get more revenue and engage more fans", said Dirk Schlenzig, MyFavorito's CEO and Co-founder.

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