Common use cases, scenarios, challenges.

MyFavorito popular use cases, scenarios and challenges.

To engage with customers MyFavorito offers a variety of different powerful engagement tools such as welcome gifts, a loyalty system (points & rewards), scan+win instant prize drawings, push notifications, mobile coupons, POS, an enterprise manager and many more. The examples below shows a small selection of use cases where we know MyFavorito works great.

Store owners:

Retail stores, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and fashion stores usually have lots of anonymous buyers, visitors and unknown customers that come everyday and are unreachable.


Franchise-systems operate many stores in a region or country. Their franchisees want to develop local reach, know their customers and amplify central marketing activities.

Restaurant / bar / discotheque owners:

Many people go out and eat, drink and entertain themselves everyday. It is important for owners and product vendors to know their customers, promote their events and encourage additional visits and referrals. Vendors can also use this to promote their retail products.

Food vendors:

They usually sell their products through supermarkets. MyFavorito uses techniques of the upcoming "Internet of Things" (IoT) megatrend and makes products "smart". Now each product can initiate a direct relationship with the buyer - just by scanning a QR code.

Beverage vendors:

They usually sell their products as cocktails and drinks in restaurants and as bottles through point-of-sale in retail stores. MyFavorito offers a single view to the customer in both worlds.

Healthcare / insurance:

Such organizations educate a large number of people to live a more conscious and healthy life. With MyFavorito they can reward their customers when they exercise or read "boring" content, such as workplace security instructions, and they can make the employers part of the journey.

Internet service providers:

They host websites, online shops and email accounts for large numbers of companies. With MyFavorito they can offer their customers a great tool to build customer relationships and bridge the online and offline world.

Telecommunication providers:

Telcos have hundreds of stores in the country which sell telecommunication products to consumers and businesses. With MyFavorito they can reach their own customers and they can even connect them with one another.

Sponsors of sport, music, hospitality events:

These organizations spend a lot of money to promote their brand and products. They have lots of participants but success and impact is hard to measure. MyFavorito makes it easy to engage with the audience and create direct relationships that become leads and maybe customers.

Investor relations:

Public companies have lots of investors that are unknown to them. MyFavorito helps them to build direct relationship with their investors and keep them informed about news, products and services.

Shopping centers & malls:

Such malls have many stores and tenants and thousands of daily visitors. MyFavorito has an architecture to connect them with each other and build great synergies.

Sports clubs:

They have a large audience of players, relatives, fans, supporters and sponsors. MyFavorito can help to connect them with each other in order to sell more tickets and win more sponsors.


Magazines, newspapers, publications and books are read by millions of people but publishers usually do not know their customers (subscribers, readers and secondary readers). MyFavorito helps them to build direct relationships and later on, to connect them with the right advertisers.

Transportation companies:

These companies provide transportation services in a city or region. With MyFavorito they can send timely alerts to their passengers when there is an emergency or delay.

Small and medium-sized businesses:

Every company wants to be "customer-centric", because customers are the heart and the reason for every business activity. MyFavorito helps businesses to connect with customers, employees, partners, suppliers directly on their mobile device.

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