The MyFavorito Team


Hi, we are MyFavorito.

We are glad you wanna learn more about us. MyFavorito's mission is to help the "Fortune 5 million" sports clubs around the world to make more money and attract more sponsors. Most sports clubs are not attractive to big and small brands. They are not even attractive to their local retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, car dealers, hair dressers. Most of these businesses spend their growing digital marketing and sales budgets with Google and Facebook. MyFavorito's mission is to turn more companies into sports sponsors and bring a portion of that money back into sports.

We are a team of experienced experts. We know how small and big sports clubs work and are familiar with their biggest challenges. We are all active members of sports clubs ourselves.
We also know how big and small brands, retailers, restaurants and companies work and what they do to reach their growth numbers. We understand what sponsors expect from clubs and why only a few companies see sports as an effective growth driver. And we will change that.

And we are very familiar with building, running, maintaining large-scale, data-privacy-compliant, secure digital platforms for millions of users.

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We are supported by a growing number of partners, networks, influencers and well-connected people that understand our mission and find them valuable and needed.
You like our MyFavorito and our vision and mission? You love to work on big problems and wanna help us succeed? Then reach out and send a short email to or take a look into our job offers section. We're always looking for talented people that wanna make a difference.
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