The MyFavorito Team


The team and founders behind MyFavorito

MyFavorito was founded by the brothers Dirk and Mark Schlenzig in September 2015. The idea came out of a successful customer engagement project they delivered for McDonald's in Germany (see our story). Mark and Dirk are surrounded by a great team of highly-skilled technology evangelists, programmers, designers and infrastructure experts. They work together since many years, shipped numerous successful products and are experienced to tackle real-world challenges using leading-edge technologies.

Both founders studied computer science in the early 90's and started their journey with the first release of Java, the Netscape browser and very early releases of SuSE Linux (that they still use today). Now, 15+ years later they developed a quite impressive international track record of building, delivering and selling sophisticated and leading-edge, cloud-based software products.
Around 3.5 million users and some of the largest companies around the world, such as Microsoft, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, German Ministry of Finance, British Petrol,, Telecom Malaysia use their products everyday. The focus was always CRM-oriented and their products help businesses to win new customers and to communicate better with existing customers.

Their vision for MyFavorito is to extend the concept of CRM to the consumer world and help retailers, brands and store owners to directly connect with their millions of customers and excite them like never before. MyFavorito is built on the latest technologies (mobile, social, bigdata, cloud, Internet of Things). As CEO Dirk is fully invested in MyFavorito's growth strategy while Mark, as CTO, takes care of product development, innovation and the platform's security and reliability.

Dirk Schlenzig

CEO / Founder

Mark Schlenzig

CTO / Founder
  • Brothers, software entrepreneurs, colleagues, CRM experts
  • 15+ years experience in building / running cloud CRM products
  • Generated $30MN revenue and 3.5M daily active users
  • Successfully sold and delivered to enterprise customers
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