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Digitization will change the future of sports sponsoring massively: Digitization offers game-changing opportunities for the 90.000 sports clubs in Germany and the millions of sports clubs around the world. In less than 10 years, sponsoring – the most essential topic for all clubs – will be “as reliable and abundantly available as running water“.

There will be a whole new class of sponsors: The traditional sport-sponsoring market of currently €3.3 BN in Germany (Source: Statista) will multiply. Companies that never engaged in sports before will support thousands of smaller sports clubs at the same time. Not those hand-picked by their marketing department but the favorite sports clubs of their customers, employees and partners. That‘s why we call them “Favorite sports club sponsors“.

Digital sponsoring is transparent, transactional, performance-driven and cleary measurable: Local, regional and national brands, retailers and their large dealer networks will use digital sport sponsoring as a natural, efficient and impactful marketing channel which delivers much better results and growth (plus positive image and CSR) than TV, radio, print or social media. The annual purchasing power of Germany‘s 20 million organized sports members (without family and friends) is €177 BN. That‘s more than Amazon‘s annual global revenue.

Every sponsor will reward clubs, members and fans: Sales, store visits, referrals, paying attention to a TV ad or video clip and many other valuable activities will be rewarded with one-time or monthly recurring fees that are negotiated between the sponsor and the clubs.

Advertising budgets will be directly assigned to sports: More than €7 BN (Source: Statista) were transferred by German companies to Google and Facebook in 2018. For more customer relationships, more sales, more growth – in Germany, significant parts of these quickly growing budgets will be assigned to sports shortly, because: they can – as nobody else – influence and mobilize their members, fans, family and friends. They can establish digital 1-to-1 customer relationships and not just followers and anonymous website visitors.

Sports clubs will be able to pick from an inexhaustible pool of sponsors and suitable promotion activities: This is hugely beneficial, compared to the hard work of selling stadium advertising, getting jersey sponsors and convincing partners to put ads on the clubs‘ homepage or social media channels.  
Sports will monetize the purchasing power, the buying behaviour, the attention and the influencer potential of its members, fans, family and friends: Even bigger clubs will use innovative engagement tools to build direct customer relationships to their previously unknown and unreachable fanbase.

New income channels will be tapped by digital sponsoring: Funds for equipment, young talent, maintainance of stadiums and sports grounds and a functional club life will become available. Other income channels like member fees will become less important or can be avoided altogether - which lowers or eliminates the entry barrier for all - especially low-income families.

There will be a platform where clubs and companies can signup and connect with each other.

A platform,
  • that runs millions of sponsoring activities, engagement strategies and marketing campaigns every day and automatically collects a growing amount of sponsorship revenue from companies and securely transfers it to the clubs.
  • which helps companies not only to generate sales but to build a true and sustainable 360° CRM – the beginning of every digitization strategy.
  • that‘s not only valuable for clubs and companies but also integrates with all other participants in the “sports“ ecosystem: regional lighthouse sports clubs, smaller sports clubs, associations, infrastructure providers, agencies, marketers and large industry giants as co-initiators.
We are exactly that platform.

Designed, developed and launched in Germany, the #1 sports club country. With a clear mission and growth strategy for Europe, America and Asia.

Welcome Digital Sport Sponsoring, Fan Engagement and CRM. Welcome to MyFavorito.
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