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Sports sponsorship needs a radical game change. Many brands and businesses across the globe find traditional sponsorship models ineffective or unsuitable for their business model, choosing instead to spend their marketing budgets with California’s AdTech platforms. Across the globe, approximately $300 billion is spent with these platforms annually. Simultaneously, sports clubs are often underfunded and in search of new revenue drivers.

We’re here to flip the model. At MyFavorito, our mission is to capture 10% of the money sent to AdTech platforms and bring it back to sports while empowering the people who matter most.

MyFavorito is the fan-empowered sponsorship platform that transforms fan love into real money, so everyone wins. We are here to create the ultimate playing field for sport with a radically different approach to sponsorship.

Fans decide: empowered to make a real difference.

Brands activate: build real love and get real returns.

Clubs, teams & athletes win: access a new infinite revenue source and create their own sustainable future.  

Brands and companies that never previously engaged with sports will support thousands of sports clubs simultaneously. Not those hand-picked by their marketing department but their customers’, employees’ and partners’ favourite sports clubs. We offer new ways for brands to engage fans and generate more visits, sales, customer growth and loyalty. Brands get direct ROI and only pay when a fan redeems their offer by spending money with the brand, watches their video or enters their hashtag.
For clubs, funds for equipment, young talent, maintenance of stadiums and sports grounds and a functional club life will become readily available. Other income channels like member fees will become less important or can be avoided altogether - which lowers or eliminates the entry barrier for all, especially low-income families.

MyFavorito provides a platform:
  • that runs millions of sponsorship activities, engagement strategies and marketing campaigns every day and automatically collects a growing amount of sponsorship revenue from companies and securely transfers it to the clubs.
  • which helps companies not only to generate sales but to build a true and sustainable 360° CRM – the beginning of every digitization strategy.
  • that is not only valuable for clubs and companies but also integrates with all other participants in the “sports“ ecosystem: regional lighthouse sports clubs, smaller sports clubs, associations, infrastructure providers, agencies, marketers and large industry giants as co-initiators.

MyFavorito’s fan-empowered sponsorship model is proven in Germany and Australia where the platform is live nationally with local, regional, and national brands and is set to launch in the USA, UK, France, Italy and Singapore.

It’s game on, join today: for love & money.
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