Our vision and mission


MyFavorito is built for innovative brands, retailers and store owners

Our vision

In the future all brands, retailers and store owners will have a 360 degree view and control of their customers directly. They will be able to identify, locate, engage and excite them anytime and everywhere, individually. Where all customers are known and understood as people with distinct personalities, purchasing characteristics, product interests and preferences.

A future where consumer marketers could simply configure and deploy autonomous self-adapting sentries that would engage customers at the perfect time and place to drive guest count, influence purchase decisions and maximize network effects. Welcome to the Future of Marketing, CRM and Advertising. Welcome to MyFavorito.
Our mission
  • To build a new class of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for stores, companies, objects and products, where the actual “relationship” to the customer is built, managed and fully controlled by the customer.
  • To deliver a CRM software that works without a sales person and uses new cutting-edge technologies to extend the concept of CRM and the upcoming "Internet of Things" (IoT) to the B2C space and to mix it with supplemental concepts such as marketing automation, customer engagement, loyalty and retention.
  • To run a secure public, cloud-based 1-to-1 marketing, CRM and engagement platform that is affordable and that companies can use to connect with their large amounts of customers and excite them like never before.
  • To build irresistible engagement tools that consumers love and a platform that is easy-to-use for seasoned marketers and online novices.
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