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Everyday millions of people around the world go shopping, visit stores, buy products, read newspapers, work or see advertising. In most cases they stay anonymous and unreachable for the product creators, store owners, editors or advertising creatives. The potential customers themselves are often regular customers. For years they've been visiting the same restaurant, using the same gas station, reading the same local newspaper, buying the same favorite products. They would love to be treated as regular customers (and not always like a first time customer), receive targetted offers and become rewarded for their loyalty.

MyFavorito is aiming to become the world's leading multichannel customer engagement, loyalty and CRM platform for FMCG brands, retailers and store owners. Many of these businesses spend their growing digital marketing budgets on "Ad-tech" platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram. But the impact is hard to measure and "Likes' do not pay the bills". Sales do. MyFavorito is "CRM-tech" that end-customers just love.

It comes with a growing set of irresistible, mass-market-proven engagement tools that connect businesses with their hundreds, thousands or even millions of unknown customers. Businesses use them to excite their customers like never before and increase store visits, loyalty, referrals and ultimately sales and profits. Measurable, sustainable and impactful.

If you are a full service provider, ad agency, marketing agency, consultant, industry expert, market leader or challenger with national, regional and local focus - we would like to hear from you. Discover new opportunities for recurring income, new products and new services.

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