MyFavorito is hiring


We are a software vendor and cutting-edge technology company

We are constantly taking on new challenges in the worlds of CRM, mass-market-ready customer engagement and loyalty, online processes, API integration, online marketing and social networking. We need help from talented people who like to move fast, think fast, tackle the big stuff and have an immediate impact. We want the creative spirits, the underdogs, the independent thinkers, the fighters, the true believers, the never give up. Sounds like you?

We are always interested to speak with talented and innovative individuals who can contribute to the success of MyFavorito in all areas:

  • Technology, research and product development
  • Infrastructure and network operations
  • Design, ergonomics and usability
  • Sales and marketing
  • Communications and public relations
  • Business development, partners and alliances
  • Support and training
  • MyFavorito university and partner management

If you think you should get on the MyFavorito bus then please send your application to We are not much interested in your grades. You don't even need a technology background. We are way more interested in the challenges you solved, the products you shipped, the teams you worked with and the successes and failures you encountered so far.
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