Engagement tools

MyFavorito's engagement tools

MyFavorito's engagement tools help you to build direct connections between your brand and your customers. You can use them on your products, in your points of sale and marketing campaigns. For example: Your customers could collect loyalty points by watching your TV commercial or could participate in a prize draw by buying your product or could unlock a special offer with an action code that you provide.

To do so, your customers install the MyFavorito App on their smartphone and carry out the desired action. This immediately builds the connection between your brand and your customers. Most engagement tools are designed to generate visits for your physical stores, online shops or promotion stores. That means: Your customers go there and show their smartphone to redeem that special offer or pickup a prize they've won in a prize draw or redeem their loyalty points for an attractive loyalty reward.

You can see all activities in realtime and MyFavorito automatically builds a self-maintaining customer database for you that is full with valuable user profiles.

What engagement tools are available ?
  • A multi-channel loyalty system where you can create your own loyalty points and loyalty rewards to reward your customers for sales, for paying attention, for referrals, for visits and for many other valuable activities
  • A prize draw and contest engine that lets you run fully automated prize draws that generate thousands of daily winners and store visits
  • A secure misuse-free system to let your customers pickup a one-time welcome gift or give away in a store.
  • A promotion manager to setup and schedule mobile coupons
  • A viral referral system that motivates your customers to refer your brand and influence their friends buying decisions
  • A tool to upload images and cash receipt which could be used for image contests or to proof a purchase
  • A notification engine that lets you send personalized offers to the right customers at the right time
  • A content management system that you can use to post videos , product information, jobs and news. The great thing is that your customers can “mark them as read” to earn loyalty points or unlock other coupons
  • An event manager that you can use to inform your customers about upcoming festivals, games or any other type of event
With MyFavorito’s engagement tools you can:
  • Reward your customers for Everything. Everywhere.
  • Engage with them like never before.
  • Increase customers, referrals, visits, loyalty and sales.
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