About Us


About us

Find the lastest news about MyFavorito, our customers, product milestones and great new functionalities.
Learn more on why we think the world needs a product like MyFavorito. Understand our vision for it and see where we believe the journey goes.
We are a German software vendor with around 30 employees, located in the city of Erfurt, right in the heart of Germany. Organizations and companies worldwide use our products to better communicate with their customers, win new ones and keep existing customers happy. Learn more about our team.
If you are a full service provider, ad agency, marketing agency, consultant, industry expert, market leader or challenger with national, regional and local focus - we would like to hear from you. Discover new opportunities for recurring income, new products and new services.
This section provides access for press and journalists with latest downloads of logos, images, and other press material.
We are constantly taking on new challenges in the worlds of CRM, mass-market-ready customer engagement and loyalty, online processes, API integration, online marketing and social networking. We need help from talented people who like to move fast, think fast, tackle the big stuff and have an immediate impact.
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