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Der Landessportbund Thüringen und MyFavorito starten die Initiative und Digital-Sponsoring-Plattform "Lieblingsvereinsponsor.de" - für mehr Sponsoren und Einnahmen für Sportvereine, mehr gutes Karma und tolle Angebote für Fans, Mitglieder und das
Germany's iconic #1 football club FC Bayern München initiated their very first hackathon to become "the global benchmark for the digitalization of a football club".
Ottmar Meissner - MyFavorito web
MyFavorito is proud to announce the appointment of Ottmar Meissner as Vice President of Sales. Meissner, a former Microsoft retail sales executive and industry thought leader, joins MyFavorito’s executive management
jim cr
MyFavorito, the leading B2C CRM platform for brands, retailers and their millions of customers, has announced that Microsoft startup expert Jim Brisimitzis has joined its Advisory Board.
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